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much that is fair

“the world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater. ”
— j.r.r. tolkien

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

i hope this is going to be a good day.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

back to ladybugs: bought little chocolates {shaped – and wrapped – like ladybugs}, thought i will use them for tiny gifts to make people smile. but, oh, only two left now, gave them all – to myself. by accident, of course.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

this felt like talking to a good, mature friend about my tiring, tiring social tragedies:

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

a little ladybug has woken up after a sunny day and is circling around me. so nice to have company.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

everything feels featherlight for a micromoment when five children actually – for once – listen to me while they glue those white roses on paper, and nobody is yelling, falling over, cutting their fingers off {a swift identity change to a more relaxed and determined grown-up today. i really hope it is not a case of a temporary mutation}.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

(still) living in the light of the christmas lights {one certain way to spend a truly, truly happy hour in bed as soon as it gets dark outside}.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

i am so, so far from being me that no matter how many staircases i take, how many left turns i make, it still seems as if this time i might not meet myself but somebody else.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

i do not think i have an energy reserve anymore—every misunderstanding, irritation, harsh conversation hits me like a rock, and i catch it.

Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful. (read all 62 entries…)
the process of life should be joyful, and it can be if we stop making everything so complicated. — terri cole

♥ paper snowflakes on my christmas tree. and now also outside, behind my windows. getting colder day by day, time to find my red woollen socks.
♥ colourful tea moments and colourful k-indie (pushing me to focus on being here and now, colourfully).
♥ a few new books to read, so lovely. swedish novels and chinese poetry.
♥ meeting a 12-year old boy who likes to talk to me about his cat. such a blessing to spend time with a young man without any drama.
♥ my mum’s pumpkin soup.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

it is so important to allow yourself to rest in a sogni d’oro, amore mio sleep bubble. (read: i am finding it rather difficult to learn to sleep properly again.)

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

being led back to the good old humble ways may make a girls heart grumble, but—baby steps, baby steps.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

i experienced advice “do not put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket” very wildly and powerfully today {i received a message rimmed with invisible “blimey!’s” and Other Words People Use To Make You Feel Wrong. somehow it was enough to confuse my heart. my heart is a good noodle. but, good noodles also tend to be really silly little frogs. so—one can spend a whole day sitting on a waterlily`s leaf, all heartbroken.}

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

The word “beard” is an adjective because whenever it pops into mind, people ask “what kind of a beard this is?” and the answer is something like “oh, a hairy beard” – just learned something new from kids.

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1) I am thoughtful of other’s wishes, desires, needs and wants.

Do you consider what others need and want? In past relationships was it easy, enjoyable, and natural to consider what your partner wanted? Do you get pleasure out of being thoughtful and kind? Or do you focus on what you want and expect others to do the same?

2) I am respectful of others.

Do you speak to others in a respectful manner? Are you considerate of others feelings? In past relationships did you communicate with your partner as a respected equal and someone you admired? Or were you condescending, belittling or cruel?

3) I am good at nurturing myself.

Do you take the time to be good to yourself? Do you allow yourself the simple pleasures that make you feel good? Do you eat well, get enough sleep, exercise regularly? Do you take time to relax? Do you nourish your mind? Or are you a workaholic, stressed, rushed and unable to stop and smell the roses?

4) I am playful.

Are you able to let your childish spirit come out and romp? Do you look for opportunities to dance and even be a little silly? Do you make time to be with friends? When you were in a relationship did you make a point to play and flirt with your partner, making sure that he didn’t take life too seriously, making time for vacations, time with friends, time to dance and celebrate? Or are you too serious or too self-conscious to truly let go?

5) I go out of my way to compliment others.

Do you enjoy telling others that they look good, that they did a job well, that they’re smart or capable? When you were in a relationship did you look for opportunities to let your partner know you found him attractive, capable and smart? Or were you oblivious or insensitive for his need to be noticed?

6) I’m good at making others feel special.

Do you let others know what’s special about them? When you were in a relationship were you considerate of what your partner’s soul needed from you? Or were you too busy with life to take the time to acknowledge the little things that mattered to him?

7) I go out of my way to invite laughter into my life.

Do you look for opportunities to laugh? Do you offer humerous anecdotes and share that new joke you heard? Do you go to funny movies with friends? Do you laugh easily? In your past relationship (s) did you enjoy laughing with your partner, sharing funny stories, movies and jokes? Or are you too focused on your job, the children or your to-do list to search for the humor in every-day life?

8) I enjoy giving men the opportunity to be my hero.

Do you look for ways to let men do things for you? When you were in a relationship did you look for ways that your partner could help you solve problems, fix things or use his abilities, intelligence and skills to impress you? Or were you oblivious to what little things you could do to let him feel good about being “your man”?

9) I am generous with my money.

Do you enjoy spending money on the people you care about? Do you enjoy spending money on yourself? When you were in a relationship did you enjoy putting a smile on your partner’s face with special purchases, occasional surprises and even the day-to-day expenses of life? Or do you hoard money, resent spending on others? Or are you oblivious of how much pleasure you can get out of being generous?

10) I am generous with my time.

Do you like taking time to be with family and friends? Do you offer to work on projects that will benefit others? When you were in a relationship did you enjoy spending time with your partner and doing things with and for him? Or were you resentful of having to take time away from what needs to get done or from your activities?

11) I am verbally appreciative.

Do you think to let others know they did a good job? Do you thank people for being kind or thoughtful? Do you let your family and friends know that you are happy they are in your life? When you were in a relationship did you make a point to appreciate your partner for the things he did for you, for how good he was at his job, for how creative he was, for how thoughtful and considerate and loving he was? Or did you focus on the things you resent or didn’t like about him?

12) I practice gratitude.

Do you regularly make note of what you’re grateful for? Do you let God (whatever God is to you) know how grateful you are for the things you have and even for simply being alive? Or are you unaware that being grateful colors everything in brighter shades, makes your spirit lighter and a puts a bounce in your step?

13) I express with my words and actions how much I care for others.

Do you tell your family and friends that you love them, that they matter to you, that they’re important to you? Do you show them on a regular basis? Do you occasionally, out of the blue, pick up the phone and express your heartfelt affection for them? Do you enjoy making the people around you happy? When you were in a relationship, did you tell you partner, on a regular basis, that you loved him, that you thought he was wonderful, that you were lucky to have him in your life, that your life would not be quite as good without him? And did you give lots of physical affection, hugs, hand holding, touching, kisses on the back of the neck? Or were you uncomfortable with your words of love, or assumed “he should know”, or simply didn’t think to tell him how you felt?

14) I take good care of my body.

Do you eat well, sleep enough, exercise, keep your weight at a healthy level? Do you show the world, and the men you date, that you respect and honor your body? Or do you either forget to do the things you know you should or are you unaware and oblivious to what you ought to do to stay healthy, vibrant and attractive?

15) I have a positive, happy attitude.

Do you smile easily, are you playful with others, do you feel like life is good and only gets better? Are people happy to have you around? When you were in a relationship were you a joy to have around, did you do your best to buoy the spirits of your partner, trying to make your life together as good as it could possibly be? Or are you a bit of a sour puss, negative and focused on what’s wrong instead of what’s right?

16) I communicate with clarity, confidence and compassion.

Do you make a point to speak to others with forethought, so that your communications are received in the way you intend? Do you pay attention to how others respond to what you say? When you were in a relationship did you put in the effort it took to be sure that what you wanted to communicate was understood? Or do you ramble on, focused on what you’re saying, forgetting that communication is always a two-way interaction?

17) I listen with heartfelt respect.

Do you listen closely to what others are saying to you, letting them know you care about what they’re communicating? Do you make eye-contact, not looking around for someone more interesting to talk to? When you were in a relationship did you repeat back to them what you heard, making sure they communicated to you what they wanted to, and giving them the comfort of knowing you cared enough to want to know what they were saying? Or do you look for your first opportunity to jump in and say what you want to say, ignoring what the other person is trying to communicate to you? Or do you listen with half an ear, pretending to pay attention? Or do you look around, paying more attention to what’s going on around you?

18) My sexual energy is flowing.

Do you allow yourself the enjoyment of being a sexual being, even when you don’t have a partner? Do you enjoy the sensual pleasures of food, beautiful things, colors, smells, even the feel of a warm breeze on your skin? Do you allow life to be enjoyed rather than endured? When you were in a relationship did you go out of your way to be sexually playful and erotically enthused to share your sexuality with your partner? Or have you shut yourself off from feeling alive and sexy, from wanting to enjoy the pleasures of two lovers enjoying each other with delight and abandon?

19) I celebrate my aliveness.

Do you dance naked in your living room, grateful to be alive (or the equivalent), are you in awe of the universe, life, and your God-given gift of being a woman, with your ability to feel your emotions, all of them, to the depths of your being? When you were in a relationship did you use the love you shared to honor the gift of your humanness, to squeeze everything possible out of the life you shared? Or do you live each day blind to the fantastic diversity of life that swirls around you, your nose too close to the grindstone to see what’s really worthwhile, forgetting to notice that you are a magnificent gift to this planet?

20) I feed my mind.

Do you regularly read things that enhance your level of knowledge and wisdom? Do you go out of your way to learn new things? Do you look for that which will inspire you? Do you express your creativity? When you were in a relationship did you encourage each other to continue to learn new things, then share what you’d learned, staying interesting and interested? Or do you ignore learning, except in your field of work, instead, watching TV or doing the same things you always do, never seeking that which is new?

21) I am always growing, working toward becoming the best person I can possibly be.

Do you look at life’s experiences, especially the uncomfortable or painful ones, as opportunities to grow? Do you read books, take workshops and go out of your way to understand yourself so that you can be a happier, more effective person? Do you take full responsibility for your outcome, no matter what? When you were in a relationship were you in the habit of seeing both sides of the dance, how everything that happened between you was partly your doing and partly his? Did you understand that relationship, more than anything else in life, is the greatest challenge and therefore, the greatest opportunity to learn and grow? Or do you tend to blame others for what’s going on for you, assuming they are the cause of your reactions? Or are you unaware that life is about constantly evolving into the best version of yourself that you can imagine, and with each step forward, your capacity to be happy, to love and be loved, grows?

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

i have friends who cook for me and don’t want me to leave.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal (read all 14 entries…)

just deeply honoured to have a privilegue of being alive and a heart that trusts.

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be kind to yourself while blooming

be kind to yourself while blooming. i know sometimes it feels like your soul doesn’t always fit. it’s all a part of the process.
—emery allen

Daily: Reflect on 5 things for which I'm grateful. (read all 62 entries…)
we were watching flowers that hadn't open. - viggo mortensen

♥ i am so grateful for the skill of adaptability. it’s optimum level must be impressive beyond my imagination, for i am dwelling on minimum plains of it, and feeling mesmerised. actually, to make it sound less spectacular: green tea, new sort. felt like not my cup of tea at all, for a long while. i adjusted to it and it is now part of my daily routine. also, different new sort of pains. i thought they will drag me to an abyss of solitude, that i will only wish to stay home drinking my green tea, trying to sleep. but, i want to see “camille claudel” in the cinema, i want to buy books for christmas presents, i want to travel next year, i want to be alive. adjusting. it feels so maturing even for a mature soul.
♥ earrings. oh, earrings. i have started to wear them again. it is like a small personal ritual, indeed. literally: it is my way of saying a small humble “thank you” for being born as a woman, every morning.
♥ „i’m not going to offer God, my God, sacrifices that are no sacrifice.“ (2Sa 24:24) rediscovering my heart for God.
♥ this year slowly ending – i have not even noticed the spring, the summer, the autumn, it is as if i have lived in a different time zone, as if i missed it all. finally, i am here and now. it is almost christmas, i am on time. i notice the winter. i notice the year ending. it feels right, finally.
♥ i am very grateful for strangers who have smiled at me on the street, for bus drivers who have waited until i run fast-fast-fast to get to their already moving bus, for elderly people who have asked me to help them with their bags, for all people whom i have met for a brief second and who have taught me so much about simple kindness.
and, i am so grateful that i finally bought a pink magical bottle of perfume for myself. thank you, nina ricci.

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bread sailing down the stream

“whatever you desire for yourself, affirm it for others, and it will help you both. we reap what we sow. if we send out thoughts of love and health, they return to us like bread cast upon the waters; but if we send out thoughts of fear, worry, jealousy, anger, hate, etc., we will reap the results in our own lives.”
— charles f. haanel

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