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wear less makeup

My face is just red all the time.
I see it and am like wow I need to put on some powder.

I used to be able to just wearing bronzer with tinted mosterizer mix, but now my skin is just so red it doesn’t help.

then…my eyes just are not the same without mascara.
I guess the goal isn’t don’t wear any makeup. I don’t really wear eyeshadows anymore.

volunteer more

I’ve done some volunteering here and there. I went to a homeless shelter, with a school organization, and played games with some kids there and we had food set up and what not.

I also helped out at a booth at earth day. that was a good time as well.

I also joined a volunteering club on campus so we should be doing a lot more volunteering next semester.

join some groups on campus (read all 2 entries…)

I did join a group! I joined S.A.V.E.
at least I joined one. :/

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