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express my love to my husband everday! (read all 4 entries…)
Last night

We had a date, the first one in a long time.
It felt good, even if it wasnt exactly how we had planned.

express my love to my husband everday! (read all 4 entries…)

I expressed my love and made him happy by baking squish banana bread and sending an email of 100 things I loved about him.
It made me happy too!!

have 43 things listed as "Worth Doing" (read all 16 entries…)
Up to 35

can’t be bothered to list them, but now we have 8 to go.

celebrate Towel Day (read all 2 entries…)
Goodbye towel

I have finally let go of the towel so this is done!

100 things i love about my husband (read all 24 entries…)
Summary of 100

1. your openness to everything,
2. your ability to stand outside the box and look at it as a cube with x-ray vision.
3. that you accept that everything has its place
4. that you want to make that a better place for everything.
5. that you know what is right.
6. that you are the best at everything you do
7. that what you do ain’t pretty except for making kids with me – they are pretty 
8. that no matter what, through sik and sin you keep your head above the water.
9. that you never give up
10. that you love your family
11. your determination
12. your dedication
13. your patience and tolerance
14. your body
15. your smile
16. your touch
17. the way you share experiences with me
18. how you put up with me and everyone else
19. that you will keep trying
20. that you listen and worry
21. that you obviously care despite not always showing it
22. that you can forgive
23. that you desire to make everything great for us and the family
24. your ability to apologize
25. your ability to actually take it on board and try to right wrongs
26. that you will do things for me no matter how hard it is for you
27. that you are trying to make little changes to make everyone happy
28. that you give without expectation of return
29. that you try to have a positive influence on my day right from the start.
30. that you savor kisses
31. the way you are with the kids
32. how you make ours a magic marriage by doing all those little things like cooking dinner, the dishes, vacuuming etc.
33. that you are good role model for our son.
34. that you can love me
35. that you care enough to ask me about things that husbands would never talk to their wives about
36. that you treat me as your best friend before you treat me as a wife
37. that you want to have coffee and cake with me, even though it rarely happens
38. that you cared enough to ask people not to visit straight after I had an emergency c-section.
39. that you took the time to make things easier for me when I was struggling
40. that you try to listen to me even when I wasn’t being totally rational
41. that you and I are like yang and yin
42. that you are a FRED
43. that you still think of what you can do to make me happy, even if you don’t succeed.
44. that you are and always will be my husband
45. that despite being taken for granted you are still the loving man I fell in love with all those years ago.
46. how you know what you want
47. your kisses
48. that cute look you have with the kids
49. your versatility
50. the way you look
51. how you take care of yourself
52. the curves of your muscles
53. how Saturday is spend time with my family day.
54. the way you make love to me
55. who you are, quirks and all
56. your honesty
57. your positive nature
58. that no matter how busy you are you have time to think of the family
59. that you just can’t finish the dishes
60. how you complain about that ute
61. that you want what is best for the family
62. that you can give up grudges
63. that you can wear a mask when needed
64. the success you have made of yourself
65. how you can rise above it all
66. the way you learn from the past
67. the weakness beneath the strong exterior
68. how you need me when you are sick
69. the way you slouch in chairs when you are tired
70. Stevie Wonders, Van Morrisons and Barry Whites
71. the way you are judgmental
72. the hugs and kisses that you give the kids
73. how you will come out to the car if you are home when I come home
74. how you strive to improve on everything
75. the way you have difficulty getting up in the morning
76. your sound, your music
77. watching you perform
78. the fact that you rage against the ordinary
79. the discoverer in you
80. the way you let me know about the things you like e.g.(banana bread).
81. the sounds of enjoyment during those times
82. your warmth
83. hugging you properly
84. seeing you like a little kid when we are in the toy isles
85. that you always want something new
86. your confidence
87. your compassion
88. your appreciation
89. your diversity
90. the times you notice and comment on how I look.
91. watching you, no matter what you are doing
92. how you make money stretch (how do you do it?)
93. when you call me, no matter what the content
94. how you always remind me to drink water
95. those times you are enthusiastic and say – yeah! Like a kid.
96. how you have matured
97. the sound of your voice
98. how there are some things you are still scared of doing (like using my camera )
99. seeing you being present in the moment
100. everything about you……

express my love to my husband everday! (read all 4 entries…)
doing better

I am doing better with this, still a long way to go, baby steps are progress.

maum meditation (read all 2 entries…)

I started, have done 3 weeks and need to get back to doing it some more

control my anger (read all 9 entries…)
I got it wrong

It was never about conrolling, it was about releasing. I have released a lot of my anger and now I have a better ability to deal with annoyance and frustration without reacting emotionally.

be a happy person (read all 6 entries…)

I am starting to see that to be happy is about letting go and letting god!

express my love to my husband everday! (read all 4 entries…)
Day Three and going strong!!!

Day three of making it happen.

1. Tell him I love him
2. Cook his favourite meal
3. Bought card and flowers
4. Make love not war
5. Smile at him everyday
6. Tell him how I appreciate him

maum meditation (read all 2 entries…)
Cleansing the mind

It has me interested, I can not seem to find enough out about how to actual do this, it appears to rely on word of mouth.
It is something that will require me to find the time/money and courage to undertake, but I am hopeful that it will clear away so many of my other 43 things that it will be worth it…
Would live to hear from anyone who can guide me….

Keep my dreams alive by making a note of all the things I don't have the time/money/courage to do right now (read all 15 entries…)
the best I can be

I have the money, the time and am working on the courage to finally work on making myself the best I can be.

find myself (read all 10 entries…)
Getting Help

I have finally decided after reading and reading and never really achieving, that I am going to get some help.
I have the money, the time and am working on the courage

feel the fear and do it anyway (read all 10 entries…)

THe fear comes and goes, I hope I can continue to do it anyway.

Minimize existing clutter and excess possessions (read all 32 entries…)
Two steps forward

I have minimised the clutter on the outside. There are now 6 plastic containers and one box housing all the things I am going to sell and two boxes of stuff for charity.
Once I have sold the six containers – mainly clothing, then I plan on tackling the clutter hidden in cupboards.
It felt so good to finally finish after four days almost everything has a place.

feel the fear and do it anyway (read all 10 entries…)
Questioning if I should

I am fearing taking the Lexapro the doctor prescribed… should I feel the fear and do it anyway or should I feel the fear associated with not doing it and do that anyway?
Which choice to make, I have to choose one… but which will it be?

be a happy person (read all 6 entries…)
Another perspective or two

Another book well worth the reas is the happiness makeover, it is making sense. However, am feeling that the best option is still to start taking the Lexapro the doctor gave me… but will that make me happy or numb?

have an affair...with my husband (read all 5 entries…)
Time to do it again

it looks like it is time for us to reignite that affair…
the question is can it be sustainable?
will I feel like I am being used, will I feel the love?
will it make anything change between us ?

100 things i love about my husband (read all 24 entries…)
Today....up to number 50

it is hard to write what I love about my husband as we’ve hit a rocky patch:

Despite that:
I love his tolerance
I love that he will keep trying no matter how hard it gets
I love that he listens and worries
I love that he obviously cares despite not always showing it
I love that he can forgive

find myself (read all 10 entries…)

Just attended a session of EFT and oh my god OMG!
I have just uncovered what has been stopping me from finding myself.
I’ve been trying to be the son my father never had all these years.

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