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get a tan (read all 2 entries…)
yeah baby!

just spent 2 weeks in the whitsundays – im tanned and HAPPY!

move to Australia

ive kinda done this – ive moved BACK to australia!

he he he, im australian – i left and have come back – it’s the best country in the world!

(but i still consider moving somewhere in south america!)

sunshine project

the sunshine project was the closest i got to volunteering (if youre ever in luxor, egypt go and visit them!)

- i raised some funds for them why i was working out there …....

i want to go out to africa, asia or sth/central america and volunteer with either the kids or the monkeys – ummmm – or baby elephants – yeah thatd be cool to!

travel forever until settling in a lovely village and grow veges with my kids and write my books and plays, and adopt a chilean kid..yeah why the hell not.
why the hell not?!

i reckon id have to settle in a beach side village though – and im not sure if id adopt a chilean kid – but then again, african, south american or asian – yeah why not!

ill join your list!

figure out if i want to go to uni or not!

do i , or dont i?

im used to working my way to things i want – would it help me if i went to uni?

or would i just be a poor student for a couple of years , getting depressed cos i couldnt travel as much as i wanted to?!

aaaaaaaaaaah, the decisions!

find my place in the world

life …..............

i reckon its a process of elimination

i think that tu be truly happy we need to follow our hearts and give everything a go, if we dont we will always wonder ‘what if …’

so thats wat im doing, i go off track everynow and then due to necessity (eg – money!) but im sure ill find my place one day!!!!

find my soul mate
i found one ------------- then we changed countries and he changed to

when youve had a good one, its hard to settle for less afterwards!

Go to a rave
ha ha ha

i’ve not only done this, i think i have over done this!

too many drugged out nights (that i wouldn’t change for the world mind you!) it was fun, better than getting pissed !

if ya havent been to a rave – do it

DRUM N BASS ALL THE WAY 4 ME, i hate techno!!!!!

decide what the hell I would like to do with the rest of my life

plans seem to be made to be broken – even though i wanna figure ‘it’ out – i may as well just enjoy the journey!

see the pyramids
been there....

done that… taken the pictures!

didnt realise they were so close to cairo though, always thought they were in the middle of the desert!

spend more time with my grandparents

just ask any of my friends – the hardest thing for me to know why i was overseas was that grandpa had a fall and broke his pelvis , then granny needed a hip replacement . . .

it was enough reason for me to come back to australia after 4 years travelling overseas – i came back and i moved into their spare room for a couple of months – was sooooooooo nice to be around them but i had to get my own place again!

TOUCH WOOD, i still have all 4 of my granparents – my pop has just come out of hospital after a triple bypass and a new pace maker – my granny and gramps are better now and back playing bowls , my nanna – well shes just nan!

to all the people out there who complain about old people – if you knoew my grandparents youd neva complain again (my granny can even text – and she bitches about the whinging old people!)

Kiss in the rain
lembrancas ......................

i remember one time, my ex boyfriend was giving me a lift on a pushbike to work. it was raining and i worked on the beach front . . . i sat on the cross bar, we were drenched, we kissed (but not so much that we fell off!) after it was just perfect . . . . . . . . . . . . the moon was out, the waves were lapping against the coast – was fukd that i had to work but at least i went there happy!

not be lonely

sounds pathetic – i think that i am so used to travelling and being surrounded by like minded people that coming home has really fukd me over.

ive grown apart from my friends, i dont get into all the materialistic shit that seems to be around me all the time.

everyone has a partner, i have one but its not gonna last forever and hes never around when i need him :(

my job, house and family are all good, but my social life is fukd in this city :( am i just used to leaving when it all gets too hard, do i have to go through all this shit to find the ‘normality’

what the fuk is ‘normal’ anyway?!

sorry, today is my whinge day!

im sad, and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!

  • at least i have friends, they are just all a long way away!

get a tan (read all 2 entries…)

what more can i say?!

go sledding
ive been sledding with the huskies .. .. ..

does that count?!

i was up in lapland last february – it was wicked!

travel the world

what can i say – im slowly covering the good bits !

ive done part of all the continents except asia ….

love it , love it , love it

have made wicked friends and seen cool places!

TIP : dont make any plans, plans are only there to be broken.

dont book accomodation

dont book tours from your country (it’ll cost you 100 times more than if you organise it when you get there!

say yes more often

dont be scared, but follow your heart


when i ran out of money, i worked.
when i didnt like somewhere, l left.
when i got bored, i did something different.
when i got homesick, i sat on the net and chatted to people!

its tooooo easy and the best thing EVER!

learn to play the didgeridoo
Ive bought one at least!

when i was in darwin for xmas i went to the didgeridoo hut and bought one. it has sat around my house for almost a year now, coming out at parties for those who want to try.

i met my boyfriend 3 months ago, hes south american (chileno) he can play better than most people i have heard – he can do all the kookaburra sounds and everything!

im australian, i cant be upstaged by a chilean!!!!

Drink eight glasses of water each day
if all goals were this easy .....................

i love water and i drink heaps of it – its so easy to do :)

if i dont drink it i get headaches and feel tired!

after a big night i skull 2 litres b4 i go to sleep, its the best hangover cure!

see a cure for HIV in my lifetime

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Africa and the stats are soooooooooooooo scary.

There has gotta be a cure out there somewhere and hopefully we can raise enough $$$ to get it to the people who need it.

CHEERS TO THIS GOAL, unfortunately im not an academic and dont think ill find the cure – but ill be working out there one day and supporting those who need it…..

see a sunrise
best way to end a good night out !

he he he, seeing the sunrise over the ocean in brasil as the dj continues to play reggae and people are still drinking, smoking and dancing around the bon fire …. welcome to the new day!

what to do next? go for a swim of course!!!!

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