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  1. 1. grow my very curly hair long
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  2. 2. drop a dress size
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How to accept myself for who I am
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accept myself for who I am

I need to accept myself. Enough said.

drop a dress size
Drop A Dress Size

For two long I’ve stared at other people in jealously over how skinny and great they look. I’ve had enough – this time I’m gonna make this a reality. I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin and confident. I’m going to take it easy though, I’m not going to exercise too hard – I made that mistake when I was younger and my period stopped, don’t worry it’s started again! And I will exercise three times a week coz that’s all you need. I will eat healthy – plenty of fruit and veg – and the occasional treat here and there. I will not fall off the wagon this time, I beleive in myself this time.

grow my very curly hair long

I was looking through old family photos and I came across a school photo of when I was five. My hair was mid-back length and it looked really beautiful – I’m not being vain I promise, but my curls really did look good.
My hair is very curly – not an afro – and dark, and shoulder length. I really want it long again to show my curls in their full glory!
I am a self-confessed straightening addict but from now on I vow to refrain from flat irons and save it for VERY formal occasions. I will not fall off the wagon.


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