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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. Save money
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  3. 3. do good
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  4. 4. be organized
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  5. 5. live instead of exist
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  6. 6. be a better mother
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  7. 7. Take care of my body.
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Take care of my body.
my body

my body has taken it’s toll with the heat and sun exposure in Iraq, thankfully, I don’t smoke and rarely drink, so that’s a plus, but after having my kids I rarely have time for myself, but no more, this year I will set aside atleast one hour for myself and just for me to take care of my body, i’m not getting any younger so here it goes…

live instead of exist

i’ve noticed that we get so attached to computers or technology now a days that we literally don’t stop and smell the roses, I need to not be on the internet all the time, maybe only after the kids go to sleep, but I need to enjoy life because I only have one, need to get this one life of mine on track and quit taking it for granted, plus the most important things in life are free, love, family, laughter and working with on our passions, with that said, let 2012 be a great year :)

be a better mother
needing so much improvement in this

where to begin is the question, when I had my son I was 21, loved and still love my child to death, but once I deployed to Iraq for 16 months something changed, I left my baby with my husband and came back to a toddler that was in his terrible two’s, he didn’t know who I was or why I was with him, it’s been hard ever since, he’s now 5 we’ve made progress but I don’t know if it’s me or him, damn you stupid deployment!!! anywho, I need to be more patient with both my son and daughter, stop the yelling, and do fun things with them, they’re growing so fast and soon they’ll become teenagers… I wish time would stay still for a second…

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