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  1. 1. do good deeds for strangers
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  2. 2. be present
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  3. 3. hike the AT
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be present
value the present moment

I don’t want to live my life as a means to an end. I want to work on not resisting the present moment, but accepting it for what is, not judging, just living.

do good deeds for strangers
helping others

I’ve decided that one way to stop my incessant mind chatter, which is often about nothing important and can be detrimental to my own well-being, I am going to focus on helping other people, either loved ones or complete strangers, on a daily basis. There is something really special about brightening someone else’s for no other reason but to brighten their day. I think that if everyone took time out of their lives to do this, the world would be more peaceful and people less egotistical and mind identified. This will only work if the doing can be separate from the ego. Good deeds must be done in and of themselves, not so that the “doer” can feel better about his or her own life.


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