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  1. 1. Stop caring what other people think of me
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  2. 2. Worry less.
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  3. 3. Learn Japanese
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  4. 4. see the northern lights
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  5. 5. Go to Japan
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  6. 6. learn how to drive stick-shift
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  7. 7. Buy a House
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  8. 8. learn sign language
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  9. 9. Go to a nude beach
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  10. 10. Yoga
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  11. 11. Learn Resin Jewelry
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  12. 12. Start my own business
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Worry less.
still there

I wrote this a year ago that it was concerning me and today I have had plenty of opportunities over the year to have those “Just live in the moment.” practice. i do worry less but my core issue is affording my bills. I think the solution to that might be a change of job. You know, where your schedule is constant and not a flux schedule where you don’t know how much money you’ll have on payday. I think it’s time to go type that resume :)

Stop caring what other people think of me
Getting the hang of it

A year ago I wrote that I had too many worries. Update because ppl love updates! :) Is I’m doing pretty good! How liberating. In a figure of speech I do fall into a hole sometimes but that’s bound to happen on the path to reprogram your thinking process.

get a rook piercing
it hurt it bled but it looks beautiful

It f’n hurt. I won’t lie to you. But you see it and you squee.

A lot of my deal is my ear is so small. I have issues cleaning it decently and it got reinfected. I’m trying q tips and pray I don’t have to remove it to save my sanity. Because when it’s inflamed you can’t sleep on the side it’s on-comfortably that is.

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