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leave 43things
run away

it is becoming dangerous community taking away everything that mankind has. anybody reading this message leave 43things as fast as possible.

correct my misdoing
conquering my weakness

Whenever i look into her eyes i feel guilt. i look somewhere else and her eyes still chase me. there has been some real ackward moments between us.
i am not good at it. infact i dont have guts to say even this much that i am sorry i shouted at you. and now when i look at u i am afraid. afraid of my own self. afraid that u might say alok u have really hurt me. afraid that this feeling of ackwardness will never go. afraid that i will never be able to tell you i am sorry for what i did.
i need to stop this cycle. tomm is the day for me.

read 50 management books
oh my god

no clue how will i complete it. i guess i will have to add academic books in this count to make it slightly less far from 50

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