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  1. 1. travel to Hawaii
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  2. 2. lose 10 pounds
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  3. 3. Visit Australia
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  4. 4. learn to swim
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  5. 5. be on the Amazing Race
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  6. 6. sing in a band
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  7. 7. organize my photos
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  8. 8. read at least three books this year
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read at least three books this year
Reading a good book

There’s really nothing like reading a fantastic book…but I rarely find the time to do so. I’d like to try to read at LEAST three books this year. I can usually make it through one, so three might be a lofty goal but we’ll see!

organize my photos
Photo organization

Putting 10 years’ worth of pictures in a large shopping bag in no particular order isn’t the best way to organize your photos. I feel like I’m so far behind now, that I may never get them all together. I’d like some ideas on how to get started. Maybe I’ll have some time this summer to work on it!

sing in a band

This has always been a dream of mine…but it probably wouldn’t pay the bills. Maybe it could be something fun I could do on the weekends.

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