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  1. 1. Finish school
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  2. 2. keep up with my housework
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  3. 3. Learn how to dance
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  4. 4. Get a new tattoo
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  5. 5. Have a home of my own
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  6. 6. TRAVEL
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  7. 7. Find a new job
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  8. 8. Start working out
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  9. 9. Make more time for my friends
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  10. 10. learn how to not be a jealous person
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  11. 11. Learn to talk to my significant other more
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  12. 12. Lose some weight
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  13. 13. Find out what is wrong with me
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  14. 14. learn to live with the loss of my child
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  15. 15. Stand up for who I am
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  16. 16. have a family
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  17. 17. Finish my son's scrapbook
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finish my sons scrapbook

I have a problem when it comes to finishing my son’s scrapbook. I really don’t know where to take it. Most scrapbook places don’t sell things for the death of a child or anything like that. I really just don’t know how to end it.

make more time for my friends

There really doesn’t seem to be enough time in a week to make time to see most of my friends. And when I’m able to, they are not.

Fix things between me and my mom

My mom and I had a falling out a month or so ago. We were to the point to where we weren’t even talking and our only conversation was through emails. I really don’t even know what it was about. Well, she was at my wedding and we settled things for the most part. But her way of settling is by forgetting about it and acting like it never happened.

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