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master cleanse (read all 2 entries…)

OMG I’m just finishing up Day 8 and decided to give in to a craving and have a piece of chocolate..and felt fine so i had like 3 more then half a luna bar!! majorly bad cramps now. and totally regretting itttt but I’m still going to keep going and maybe add one more day on. Weight loss is really motivating me to be honest

master cleanse (read all 2 entries…)
Day 2 (2nd try master cleanse)

- nearly 12 pm on Day 2, already down from 140.0 lbs two days ago to 134.5 lbs!! Last time I tried this in March, I didn’t lose ANY weight, I think because I was estimating the measurements of water and lemon juice and maple syrup
- advice so far: definitely follow the measurements exactly and drink match your glasses of lemonade with glasses of water
anyone else trying for ten days right now?? I think I can do it but I know I’m going to get bored with the lemonade so today I made two servings in the blender to make a sort of iced lemonade


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