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How I did it
How to buy a digital camera
It took me
2 weeks
It made me

How to design a book cover
It took me
21 days
It made me

How to loose 10 pounds
It took me
4 months
It made me

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Write a book and get it published

So, I’ve written it. Now it needs lots of editing. I joined a writing group and that has been helpful in getting along with it. I also participated in last year and it really got me in gear. I am so glad for having gone through the process of working on it.

My goal is to have it in a format that I want others to read by March 12, 2010.

collect my art work and design work & create a website
I've started on this:

email Jacquelyn - set up time to meet
email check

I’ve emailed her. Waiting to see if we can get together.

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