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  1. 1. grow wings
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  2. 2. A.R.T (Avian Rescue Team)
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  3. 3. Be an Angel HUNTER
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  4. 4. Save people (For people who have grown wings)
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  5. 5. wing growing tips spells prayers and exersises
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  6. 6. Werenight's flock
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  7. 7. hunter haters
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  8. 8. I want wings
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grow wings (read all 9 entries…)
what is going on

what happend to this site it has lost its drive to strive….hmmmm….have you guys ran out of stamina to continue with this journey

grow wings (read all 9 entries…)

within you is the power to make things happen a spell is a focusing tool the magic comes from your determination, your focus, your affirmation, your will, your desire to alter reality around you, it is the power of consciousness, a magic book or spell holds no power unless you can believe in your own inner light and empowerment. believe and feel and it shall come

grow wings (read all 9 entries…)
HHHMMMMMMMMMM?????? iv had wings since last year jake so how does it feel to join the batch

hmmmm??? so now theres two jakes with wings??? hmmmm??? any way…. hey jake 2 if i can call you that how did it feel and how long did it take you oh and how are you living ….good or bad? maybe me, andrekious, kashumi, sara, jesse and the other jake can meet up with you and we can get the hunters/wolves that killed my friend mary and maye you could maybe join us or help us kick some avain hating huter/wolves but so watch ya say jake?

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