write another book
writing another book about online dating...

had an idea encouraged by a writer of several books,
well, she encouraged me to go forward with what I thought.

write a popular version of the academic book, this time with very detailed stories from individuals about:
(1) what happened the first day/night you met offline?
(2) what were you expecting?

how did things turn out?
these stories could be funny, romantic, or disappointing, or two out of three! so far I have a few people who’ve promised to write me their tales…if you’d like to do one, all names and other real info changed, please drop me a note.

in any case, hope everyone is doing very well out there!
tell me of your writing goals, if you like.

I want to sing better.

I think I have learned to sing a little better by practicing and gaining confidence.

see florence italy, and venice and rome.

this woman i work with who is the nicest person would take me around rome…she knows where everything is, including the best food…

i should go! it’s about money and coordinating the time period.

write a book
keep going with the dream!

Step by step—
you can do it!

I worked with two (academic) publishers and two editors before I finally found the one magic combo who wanted my stuff. Piece of advice, don’t be like me and wait such a long time for a response after you send in a proposal. Move on….

Go to writer’s conferences for inspiration…
Think of yourself as a writer.

I want to promote the book I wrote.

It’s coming out in about two weeks I think.
Lifelong ambition. About online relationships.

Edited to add (04/08): Oops, now it’s coming out in early May, supposedly, still two more weeks later.

become kinder.
double trouble

I already had this so it must be important.



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