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  1. 1. move to Oregon
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  2. 2. get down to a bmi of 18.5
    10 people
  3. 3. Convert to Judaism
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  4. 4. be in a band
    1,557 people
  5. 5. learn to skateboard
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  6. 6. Read the entire Bible
    2,553 people
  7. 7. write a novel
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  8. 8. dread my hair
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  9. 9. get a tattoo
    21,931 people
  10. 10. make a diorama
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  11. 11. lose 20 lbs
    1,416 people

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How to stop shaving my legs
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How to go to the movies alone
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learn to skateboard

This was always one my life “To Do” list, but until recently I thought I’d have to settle with snowboarding, which as a skier was easy for me to pick up. The thing was, I thought I was getting too old.

Then I saw a guy skating down the street and I got so excited. I thought, “hey! I can do that!” and almost tackled him to steal his board. Instead I went to Dick’s and bought a cheap set off the shelf. I’ve been practicing just skating up and down the street for about a week now, and I’m so happy! I love it, I love the challenges and the thought that I have so much to learn.

I hope everyone who wants to learn something new never believes that it’s too late. It’s never too late.


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