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participate a flashmob in Melbourne, Australia

I would love to see people just lying on the steps at flinders st station, everyone ‘play dead’ for 1 minute?

learn portrait photography

I understand how you feel… I’ve resorted to ‘paying’ my almost 3yo, with bribes of lollies, outings or even visits to grandma… just so long as he will not hide from the camera, or glare at it… I really do need to find someone else to practise on…

get back into school
I have a five year plan :O

Okay, Getting back into school would be the first goal – well the second, I’m hoping to get a grant to pay for school, that should probably take first place. Although i am determined to go anyway, which sort of makes the grant a wish… hmm

Anyway, if I have my way, this time next year I will be completing my 3rd short course, possibly my fourth, which will help me with applying for the diploma of arts (applied photography) in 2008, such a long way away, yet I know it will be here in no time.


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