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say "no" to people who ask too much of me

i want and need to learn how to say “no” to people who ask too much of me.

couple of days ago, i was contacted by a friend in asia. this so called “friend” contacts with only with a reason. when in need for “SOMETHING”. what do you know. a friend wanted me to purchase something and ship it over.

i’m tired of “barbarous friends” like these who just ask too much of me.

run a marathon
awsome feeling

i ran the 5k marathon @ the los angeles marathon 2 years ago. as it was my first marathon even the 5k was overwhelming.

my gosh, passing by people rooting for you and crossing the finish line was awsome. greatest feeling ever from running.

would do it again. once i get back into shape.

time management
need to control

i used to be better @ my time management.
but as i got older and lazy… i don’t even know what time management is anymore.

need to take control and be better @ time management. and stop lugging around palm for no reason.

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