Russell Bernheisel

Love Hope College. Still trying to figure out what to do with my life.

get back in touch with God
Hope College

My gut lead me to this place. I knew it was the right place for me to grow as a college student, as a christian, and to become a man. I attended the last gathering which is our sunday night service at the college. It was the final one of the year and it was there I reestablished my faith with god. I am sad to say I strayed from the path but happy to say that I am back on it.

learn to ballroom dance

Always wanted to be able to do this. I plan to try it out with Kelsey and I think through playing quarterback it will have helped me with footwork and timing and I hope to be able to hold my own on the dance floor someday.

kick butt in the school play
school play

i decided to do the winter play at my high school. it was my senior year and i figured i wanted to try new things. it ended up being one of the best experiences of my life. i met a ton of great people and got the chance to act. i loved every second of it and i’m very happy i gave it a shot. we sold a record number of tickets the second night of the play.

get my shoulder better
rehabin the throwing shoulder

i messed up my shoulder playing football and i wasn’t sure if i wanted to play once the season was over. i finished my senior year but i had to decide if i wanted to play college football. thanks to the wonderful people at capital therapy in Charlotte i am better and ready to take my game to the next level. thanks jim and heather, you guys are great.



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