Motivate my son to study
he graduated...

Although he still didn’t study much. Hope he does better in college….

read 50 books in 2008
books read in February

Charlie Wilson’s War
The Master Key to Riches
I Thought My Father was God
The Hope by Herman Wouk

Get (or renew) a passport
Didn't take long at all

About a month ago I went with my son to the post office to submit the applications. They accepted his, but they didn’t like my birth certificate. It was from the hospital, they needed one from the state of Texas, even though my footprints were really cute. We got Joe’s passport back in less than two weeks! I got my birth certifcate from Texas and submitted my application on Feb 5th. Got it in the mail yesterday. You don’t need to do expedited. Don’t waste the money. The passports are coming back very fast.

I’m psyched I finally have my passport. I hope to go to the UK in May.

be a good person

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my purpose in life lately. I was writing in my journal and the simple answer “to be a good person” came to me. And to teach my children to be good people also. This is something I will never reach as a human being with many flaws. But it can be something that I work on every day.

meditate daily
On wednesdays at work

they have a meditation group where we sit in a quiet conference room together for 20 minutes. I’ve always had such a hard time quieting my mind, but this group seems to make it easier. The energy in the room is incredible. It’s a good thing.

Read Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

Enjoyed reading this book lots….

walk 10,000 steps a day
Vacation beach walking

Walked a ton during my week at the beach. I got up early so that it wouldn’t be as hot. One day we overslept and walked after dinner instead. I would guess I did about five miles a day. I did not bring my pedometer though…. Thought it would be too obsessive.



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