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  1. 1. exercise more
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  2. 2. play guitar more
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  3. 3. sing in a choir
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  4. 4. eat better food
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  5. 5. dance without being self-conscious
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  6. 6. do a good deed everyday
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  7. 7. help people in poor countries
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  8. 8. practice my Spanish
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eat better food
Eating progress...

Some success here. I am not very overweight (20 pounds or so), but it’s mostly around my waist (I’m male…can you tell?). However, I have high cholesterol, and have been wanting to eat better food for years. Problem is that I have a sweet tooth, and am drawn to some junk foods (like chips), but I wouldn’t say I’m hooked. Anyway, I’ve made a more concerted effort, and I’d say I am eating quite a bit more fruit and salad, and mostly I eat chicken (although I like all other types of meats).
Much less junk food too. So, 2 months of better food is progress, but the urges are still there sometimes, and I want to get past that. I do love fruit and salads, milk, good bread, etc. so I want to get to the point where really those types of foods are the only ones that attract me. I think that my new exercise routine (see my other entry) will help me crave better foods too.
Nothing new under the sun here; this is all that experts, shows and magazines talk about all the time: eat better and exercise. The catch is DOING IT, and at least I AM doing it…I just have to keep convincing myself to keep doing it, until I get to one of these states where my body feels so good that I will wonder why I wasn’t doing this all along.

exercise more
A good start!!

I hired a fitness trainer 2 weeks ago, and she set up basic routines for me to do. Half are aerobic workouts (treadmill, bicycle, etc.) and the rest are a weight routine. I alternate days (i.e. 3 days a week each). I know that you can read about this in books (or on the internet), but having a pro give tips, encouragement and realistic goals, really helps.

Two weeks isn’t enough to know if I can stick with this…when I reach 2 months I’ll be really happy!


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