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toilet train my cat
Didn't work

Got them on the toilet seat trying their hardest but the poops would land on the seat or the floor, and I got fed up.

We now have them pooch on the porch (ok, in a litter box on the porch).

Get organized
Been trying

A couple months ago I started getting organized again – with the help of my nagging wife. I feel like I used to be organized at some point, but then all chaos broke out. I was ok with the chaos, but now with a family coming, it’s time to get back on the “got it together train”.

One of my techniques so far as been to be symbolically incorporate little snipets of organized being into my daily routine. For instance, when I sign my name on credit card receipts, I used to just scribble something. Now I form every letter carefully, taking my time to get it right.

Of course the biggest challenges are:
1-mail, bills, etc.
3-putting shit away when i get home intead of throwing it around
4-scheduling social activities ahead of time
5-long term planning

eat less sugar
Doing it

I’ve been doing it for months now. Zero tolerance for soda, doughnuts, sugar-based treats (except dark chocolate and occassional fro yo).

Also been excercising and eating healthy food and lost 12 pounds!


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