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Today was the exam. I wasn’t all that nervous because I had a German exam earlier today and it was way more scary.
Anyway, I had the best mark from all our group. It is a reason to be a bit proud of myself, isn’t it?
But now I’m a bit sad. I got accustomed to Latin lessons through out these three years and now it’s suddenly come to an end.
Well, I’m probably that sort of person which can find something to be sad about even when everything’s great.
Anyway, I’m totally happy now.

eat more fruit and vegetables

Well, at least now I can willingly eat a bowl of salad instead of pizza. The problem is that it doesn’t happen very often.
So, conclusion: improvement, but not enough.

drink a bottle of water a day

Well, maybe not quite a bottle a day, but at least now I drink much more water then before. Which is definitely good for my health in general and my skin in particular.

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