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Just got off the phone with the Loan officer – our loan was approved!

get out of debt (read all 8 entries…)
Painful last couple of days.

*Car is paid off.
*I just put $730 on my husbands Bank of America Visa, which puts it under $200.
*I am about to pay off my Bank of America Visa, My Orchard Bank MC and my husbands Orchard Bank MC.

This leaves us with $1600 left over from our income tax return. We’re going to put $1,000 in savings, putting our savings at just over $2100, the most we’ve had in savings since we’ve been together.

With these cards taken care of this leaves us with:
Target Visa – $4900
Bank Of America Visa – $200
Mike Chase MC – $648
Ashlie Chase MC – $472
Mike Capital One Visa – $911
Ashlie Capital One Visa – $480
Mike SST Visa – $880
Mike Citi Bank Visa – $925
Ashlie Tribute MC – $689
Mike Household Bank – 436

Which by my count is still just over $10,000 in debt. EEEEK! We’re hoping to have roughly $1,000 each month that we can put towards credit card debt, so with any luck we’ll be out of debt by 2009.

Kind of hoping this refund thing Bush is talking about goes through. Based off of the numbers I saw in the paper, that be about $2400 for my family, which we would turn and put right into debt.

get out of debt (read all 8 entries…)

$581.36 later – my car is paid off!

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