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  1. 1. avoid overthinking
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  2. 2. Learn Spanish
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  3. 3. Complete my super secret project
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  4. 4. Visit Italy
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  5. 5. Go to a Party with an Ice Sculpture!
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  6. 6. go to the gym 5 days a week
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  7. 7. show my artwork.
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  8. 8. DJ for one night
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  9. 9. make more friends than enemies
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  10. 10. get in shape
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  11. 11. blog more often
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  12. 12. learn ajax
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  13. 13. become a better photographer
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  14. 14. Travel to Tokyo
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How I did it
How to go to bed earlier
It took me
6 months
It made me
Unhappy then happy.

How to upload my first video to youtube
It took me
1 day
It made me

Recent entries
go on a cruise
Western we come

We leave tomorrow for the Caribbean…yeah. Check out our cruise pictures (we’ll try to post often).

shave my head

When I was 14 I had to try it and I would recommend it to anyone. It was very liberating and so cool to lay down on my pillow at night. I have lost my only picture, but I’m hoping to find it soon.

After shaving my head bald, we went to the Aerosmith concert in Salt Lake City and afterward met Steven Tyler at the Hilton where he asked me if it was real, if he could touch it, and then vigorously rubbed his leather gloved hands all over my head before heading up the elevator.

Anyway, I have also grown my hair half way down my back and enjoyed that as well. However, it was more work to take care of—my boss used to make me tuck my hair under my hat at work, I couldn’t ever keep my hair straight, keeping it clean was a mess, and so much more. I really feel for the ladies.

Visit my blog for more about me.

Get a Four-Wheeler
We finally did it

Getting quads has been a discussion in our house for 10 years now, and as the kids continue to get older it’s about time. Now we spend most of our family time on the quads, riding in the mountains, looking for open fields, and considering buying a camping lot. I’ve added a new category called Utah ATV Trails to show off some photos and talk about the riding trails in Utah.


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