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move out into an apartment or unit and decorate it.

My friend and I are looking for places and are planning to move out sometime from late November onwards. Once again, who knew this goal would progress so soon! I’m really looking forward to this – I think it’s a step into the next chapter for me.

become a Les Mills instructor (read all 2 entries…)

The training was HUGE! One hell of a challenge but well worth the fight. Now that that is passed, time to get my technique nailed and shadowing under my belt!

become a Les Mills instructor (read all 2 entries…)
Here comes the peak..

I’m so excited about this goal – it is one I’m progressing toward sooner than I originally expected!

I have almost completed my GEL book for submission and go for 2/3 training days this weekend. It’s an 8:30-6 day on Saturday and Sunday to focus on technique, coaching and fitness magic! It will be a nightly challenge, but not one I unworthy of. Here’s to a big leap in the right direction and facing up to new heights!

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