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  1. 1. wake up by 1pm every day
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  2. 2. get a job
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  3. 3. learn how to drive
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  4. 4. get a car
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  5. 5. get bangs
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  6. 6. lose 50 pounds
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  7. 7. live in NYC
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  8. 8. live in chicago
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  9. 9. change my name
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  10. 10. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
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  11. 11. take a walk every day
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  12. 12. finish my painting
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  13. 13. get drunk in ireland
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  14. 14. travel across europe
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  15. 15. do one new thing every week
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fix my camera
total fail

So this morning I tried to fix my camera… tried being the operative word… it took me 4 hours, 2 band-aids, and 5 electrical shocks, but I finally came to my senses and gave this one up. Apparently electronic repair is not my strong suit.

First I got out a couple crescent wrenches. (I thought I could twist it into place)

Next I used my wall. (Yes my WALL) since my 1st plan failed I thought I could pound it into place. Well needless to say, that failed.

My 3rd and final plan was to take it apart and fix it from the inside. I got a couple tiny screwdrivers, one of those flat screwdrivers, and a little ice-pick looking thing. I ended up stripping most of the screws due to massive amounts of trial and error. I gave up on the screws and used the flat head to pry it all apart (I figure it was already broken what’s the harm?) that actually worked for the most part. There was just this one part that was being stubborn so I thought I could use the ice pick to break it off. See I was under the idea that the case was plastic, turns out it was a rather sturdy metal. Well I hit it full force and the ice pick just slid off and stabbed me in the palm.

I had to take a 15-minuet break at this point to wait for the bleeding to stop. When I went back to it I got it down to the electrical parts. I was attempting to unscrew the flat green part (idk what its called, but the thing with all the wires and chips) when I started to get shocked. Idk what caused it but my fingers still feel tingly…

So basically I failed. Massively.


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