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How to buy a vibrator
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How to pass the math section of the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA)test!!!
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To live instead of exist
Think about your life!

Listen Up! None of us are going to be on our deathbed saying we wished we had put more hours into our work! Life if too short and death is no party for sure…(watching my dad die before my eyes…..terrible) Just remember you don’t want to be 65 or 85 or whatever and find youself saying “I wish I had of done ___ (you fill in the blank). I have been following or at least trying to follow suggestions from a book entitled “How to Live Charmed Life” by Victoria Moran…’s a way cool book…......whatever it is you think you want to do…well try to do it okay? Whether it’s crewing up for a hot air balloon, being a deejay. taking better photos, being an extra, whatever your dream go for it (cliched, I know, but true!) I have pursued dreams and have many more to fulfilled and along the way I’ve even sowed some wild oats-no regrets-no regrets at all….I just have to remind my self to keep re-evaluating my dreams and deciding where I want life to take me!

see Austin City Limits
ACL is great

I obtained my BS in RTF from the College of Communication at UT. While a student there, I was literally in the building or nearby when tickets would be given out and so I managed to attend several times….super experience!


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