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Audrey Butler

no quiero escuela!!!

rrreaaalllyyy take advantage of this new year :]
my new years resolutions......

im thinking of these while im writing this so bear with me haha. but i had some ideas. i think. so here we go.

1. LOVE, not the physical kind, hah, but love! And that’s for everyone and all kinds of love too, not ONLY the relationship kind, (that one is mostly for me) but for the world, because, I don’t think the world gets that we’re all people in the end. God, Allah, Jesus, Moses, Hanukkah, Xmas, hell even Kwanza its all the same. GAZA STRIP??? SERIOUSLY? ridiculous….. they need love.
2. GRADES, because there’s just something about high school that doesn’t make you wanna do ANYTHINNGGG when it comes to grades. I can do it at least once or twice this year, if not this semester, than the next one, and the first of junior year. we got this.
3. FREEDOM, or in other words, to be able to DRIVE!!! WITH A LICENSE!!! damn. It’s fucking about time.
4. JOB, hopefully at whole foods?? yah yah??? who knows. I need one. I need some clothes.
5. EXCERCISE, alot more.ALOT MORE. not that i need to lose weight or anything. i just feel better after running and shit. and yoga! haha. i know i know, its everyones resolution. but hell. everyone has to have this resolution because we are FUCKING AMERICA people. we’re fat and lazy and we have to drive everywhere. and if we walk, we get shot by 18th street people. well actually parents just think you’ll get raped even if u live in the FREAKIN hollywood riviera. stupid stupid stupid
6. GET OUT, of the house more. Don’t get me wrong, i get out alot. But I mean, like everyday, do something. Houses are cool and all, and I mean you spend alot of your life in them, but IIIII MEAN c’mon. I wanna go out more. Breathe the air, feed the fish, the whole ten yards.

oh and last but not least…..7.DO THEM, all 7 of them haha.


be vegitarian for a whole month (read all 2 entries…)
DAYSSSSSSSS two, three and four

havent craved meat yet. thatsss good. but so far living the veg has been treating me well.

be vegitarian for a whole month (read all 2 entries…)
Day 1 son

so far this isn’t too bad for a carnivore. finding my protien through eggs nuts and tofu. sure am going to miss my steak… except im eating turkey on thanksgiving…... i have been for the past 15 years

get a nice pair of sunglasses

sunglasses. bam

get a facial
felt so good

and stayed in the spa all morning. it was really great. and i got a sprinkles cupcake afterward. good day

stop procrastinating
its goodd to keep it on

never take this off your list. it helps you remember the next time you wanna procrastinate, that its one of your goals.

Get a Mac (read all 4 entries…)

A macbook pro… and i loveeeeeee

Watch all Seasons of Grey's Anatomy
this definetly beats

desperate housewives…. ehh, theyre different but, well, theyre both good. cant wait till september 25th!

Get a Mac (read all 4 entries…)
ive done my research...

...and I found out that mac is going to come out with newer macs within 2 months. good thing i found that because i wouldve spent 2000 dollars on a computer that would be old in two months

ride my bike from torrance to venice!

36 miles

Get a Mac (read all 4 entries…)
i have my eye...

on a macbook pro. it’ll happen… i just need to save up.

to not go on myspace for 30 days
this is so hard

i think im addicited to the myspace drug even though i hateeee hate hate myspace. i’m going to do this during the school year though… myspace is good for boring mornings in the summer.

Get a Mac (read all 4 entries…)
a mac>

Yes, a mac. I’ve been wanting to get a mac for awhileeeee because my dell laptop is slowing down and I want to be able to record music and use photoshop and such. I know you can do this on a PC but macs just make it easier. I’ve been doing alot of chores around the house including painting a room- so I believe my mom is going to put some dinero into because damn, those things are expensive.

Excercise Everday... starting this Monday
goal is completed

I run every morning with the cross country team… more than 5 miles everyday. It’s tough… but worth it.

get straight A's

i’ve been slacking. once summer is over i have a fresh new year. i need to get serious.

run a 5k

Emily and I did it in 29:32!

Get a cruiser bike

i got it for my birthday! woo!

Take one picture a day as a way to document my life (read all 2 entries…)

So far I am on day 4 and today is the 5th. I already have today’s photo ready to be printed tonight. I won’t say I “finished” this goal until I reach the 30th day… when I know I’ll be commited.

Take one picture a day as a way to document my life (read all 2 entries…)

I feel like sometimes life is going to fast. I know I’m only 14, but if you think about it… thats a big fraction of my life that is now a memory. I’ve decided that starting tomorrow I am going to take a picture everyday of my life and keep them. I don’t have enough pictures of friends, life… and they dont necessarily have to be gooooooddd pictures. Simple things, like- take a picture of what I look through everyday… my bedroom window! It might be so different looking say, 20 years from now and I might not remember what it looks like. Or, take a picture of my friend doing something that she does everyday. Like—Amanda. She plays volleyball really well. I want to take a picture of her playing it because she could turn out to be pro or she might stop next year and look at the picture and laugh! Some days I could take really cool artsie pictures of things and life. But in the end… I’ll want to remember the remaining last month of my 14th year and my 15th year in life.

Write down everything I eat for a week

I’ve noticied that I don’t eat the best and that if I keep track of this… I’ll be more aware of it and hopefully create a pattern for the future. Cheer me on!



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