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  1. 1. stand up to a bully
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  2. 2. pierce my lip
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pierce my lip

Mom won’t allow it. But I’ll do it sometime anyways ;]

stand up to a bully

I know this person at my school. He curses at people, but since I always get an assigned seat near him, he bullies me most. Once I tried standing up to him but we actually got into a small fight. He was so much stronger than me but it was actually funny to stand up to him for the first time. We pushed and tested our strength on each other. He started to laugh a little because I was questioning his strength. He asked if I wanted to fight but I said no. I guess he forgot about that, though. After, when I went outside to wait for my friends, he came out and pushed my books to the floor. I started screaming at him and I was completely embarrased. He just walked away like nothing happened. He IS scared of a few people. A girl who was even skinnier than me got him scared to death because she was stronger.
Another girl chased him down the street.
I just don’t know why I can’t scare him.
I’ve been wanting to stick up for myself to this person for a long time.
Can anyone help?

pierce my ears again (read all 2 entries…)

Does anyone know when you could get piercings where they don’t look at your ID?. Because I’m not eighteen yet and I don’t want my parents knowing.

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