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No luck :(

Sadly, I didn’t make it to interview from that job ad I posted last entry. However, I recently discovered that the teacher who was relinquishing her job was retiring, after teaching in the same Kindergarten for over 30 years. Rather big shoes to fill – in a way, just as well I wasn’t daunted by the opportunity!

Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped looking though :)

become a better teacher (read all 2 entries…)
2008's teaching plans

At the moment, it looks as though I have a class of mainly boys next year (23 out of 25), so I want to do some reading during the six-week Christmas break about implementing an indoor-outdoor program for 2008. It is something I have been interested in doing since I started work at my current Kindergarten four years ago, but never had the get-up-and-go to actually start. Hopefully I can get this off the ground for 2008 without treading on too many toes!

Spend less time indoors
Healesville Sanctuary

My partner Matt and I spent the day out at Healesville Sanctuary, an Australian wildlife park about 50km outside of Melbourne. We had a great day (even though we got sunburnt a little… or in my case, a lot!)

We need to get out and do these kinds of things more often, just as much fun – and if not more than – as sitting around playing PC/console games!

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