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  1. 1. Take voice lessons
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  2. 2. see a total eclipse
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  3. 3. visit Easter Island
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  4. 4. reach my goal weight
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join a community theater group (read all 2 entries…)
And, it's done.

1/29/2011—So, it took moving all the way across the country to find a place I liked well enough to call home, theater-wise. Was cast in a small role the first time I auditioned last July, and cast in a lead role the second time in September. Yay me! Auditions are coming up again next week.

reach my goal weight
Slowly getting there

From a high of 208, I’m now down to 185. 60 lbs. to go!

join a community theater group (read all 2 entries…)
Not motivated

Maybe my theater days are done. I’m just not that interested in getting involved here. Maybe because, even after nearly three years, I’ve yet to really accept this area as “home.”

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