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  1. 1. be happy
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  2. 2. To live instead of exist
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  3. 3. Get more people to read my Blog
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  4. 4. retire young
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  5. 5. see Austin City Limits
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  6. 6. keep in touch with old friends
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  7. 7. Drive Laguna Seca
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move to San Francisco

everything in SF reminds me of her now, it is so very difficult to deal with… But instead of running away from it I am gonna face it head-on…

change careers
don't know the result yet

Just did it, and my life is falling apart as my girlfriend of 8 years broke up with me… so the change will probably be good, but I just can’t see it right now…

design my own pair of dunks

Still waiting for them to be shipped! :D

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