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  1. 1. get my driving license
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  2. 2. lose weight
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  3. 3. start praying 5 times a day
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  4. 4. get more clothes, shoes, bags
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  5. 5. Eat more fruits and vegetables
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lose weight (read all 10 entries…)

for the next 3 months starting from monday, ill be starting my training. so its a 6 day week cause im still helping my current boss on a saturday.

i dont know how to find time to work out!


lose weight (read all 10 entries…)

i won a contest on tv. so i got a free treatment london weight management. ive checked the price list and added up that my treatment for that day cost $1k.

and i shed only 400grams. HAHA. i swear its not worth it and everybody should just to gym, sport and exercise. way cheaper.

but the only thing thats pulling me back is that nobody to do it with me. so maybe i should just learn to go to the gym on my own now..

lose weight (read all 10 entries…)
lose it lose it lose it!!!

ive gained weight. almost 50kg now. okay 49.2 to be exact. omg i better do something about it!!!

not succumb to temptations, control my eating and maybe work out a lil!

OMG. i want my 44kg back!!!!

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