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  1. 1. Straighten out my sleeping patterns
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  2. 2. go to bed at 9:00pm and wake up at 7:00 am
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  3. 3. become bulimic
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  4. 4. Have fun
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  5. 5. eat more
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Straighten out my sleeping patterns

i need sleep i cant sleep i have a problem i need pills yes pills MWOAHAHA

eat more
im not normal i swear.

me my sister and my dad dont put weight on which sucks coz in sport when i get dressed all the girls are like omg ur so thin blah blah blah it annoys me coz i cant help it… but im tall i eat n eat like a machine but i cant put on any blooming weight:(

Have fun
i never have fun:(

i never ever ever have fun!

i stay in my house all day on the internet on the school holidays and never have fun :( can someone please help me whats fun for a teenager?

coz i havent a clue

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