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  1. 1. i want to stop being a bitch
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  2. 2. find the one.
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  3. 3. find what im here for.
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find what im here for.

everything has been pointless, ever since this guy left me everything as gone down hill, ive seen everything break apart right in front of my eyes, and i dont know anymore, i have a boyfriend and a friend..thats the only people i have left, i have no job, i dont want a job i hate school, i hate life..sometimes i dont even wana live

find the one
the one

ive dated this guy before, but while we were dating he was doing drugs and he cheated on me..with my best friend, well hes back but hes sober and he says he still loves me and i still love him i always have and i know hes the one and now that hes single i know itll work..he wont cheat on me..right?..


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