Barb C

Is starting from the beginning.

I'm doing 7 things

Barb C's Life List

  1. 1. go to France
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    867 people
  2. 2. take a mediterranean cruise
    31 people
  3. 3. go to Italy
    2,850 people
  4. 4. Pay off all credit cards by May
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  5. 5. finish decorating the house
    18 people
  6. 6. buy a cottage
    63 people
  7. 7. lose 15 pounds by august
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How I did it
How to find Whatever is Missing.
It took me
26 years
It made me

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find a job that I love (read all 2 entries…)

Its not perfect, but at least I am now doing something I like, that I think is worth my time.

read more books and magazines

Iv’e made it a practice to read everyday before bed. whether it is a book or magazine, one page or two. Sometimes I will read 2wice a day. I will bring a book to work and read at lunch.

Find Whatever is Missing.
no excitement

When everything just seems so blah… even at the most important times in your life.

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