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  1. 1. Become a mermaid
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  2. 2. chat to all my friends
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  3. 3. Become a vampire
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  4. 4. Defeat The Dragon Council
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  5. 5. emo
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  6. 6. grow wings
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  7. 7. vampires seeking vampires
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  8. 8. Become a model
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  9. 9. Become a model for lady symphonia
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  10. 10. Become Free
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  11. 11. Go home with my Family
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  12. 12. become a werewolf
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  13. 13. become a invisble ninga
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  14. 14. DerpHerpDerp
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Go home with my Family (read all 158 entries…)
haven't been on for a bit i doubt this will get any responses any time soon

but i got a new cat, he is a scruffy skinny siomese boy, and i want him to be like Skai’s Apollo if she was Artimis. So yeah I want the name have the opposite meaning so Skai-sky this cat needs to have some sort of earthy name lik I was thinking Stone yet that totaly doesn’t suit him :/ And if your giving things a name skills are super sharp, then I’ll ask you to find a name that starts with an ‘S’ but its okay if it doesn’t, thanks for reading this and thanks for the help if you ever comment thanks

Go home with my Family (read all 158 entries…)
haven't been on it an bit

how is everyone doing?

Go home with my Family (read all 158 entries…)
introducing lee

ptch im hot

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