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  1. 1. learn bartending
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  2. 2. travel more
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  3. 3. have my own business
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  4. 4. let my hair go natural
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  5. 5. lose weight and become fit
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lose weight and become fit
Losing weight and becoming fit

Many ages ago when I began college my friends used to tell me I was too skinny. I didn’t really see what they saw. One day I was walking past a mirrored building and finally saw what they saw. Oh how I wish I could see that same person now. I have put on about 60 pounds since then. Many people say I carry it well but I want to lose at least 25 pounds and get tight. I have excersized regularly before and know what to do but right now I am not motivated. Hopefully soon I will become motivated and begin getting my body tone and in shape.

let my hair go natural
Natural hair

I have been putting chemical relaxers in my hair since 9th grade. I have now grown tired of paying my money and sitting in a hair salon all day and night. I am thinking about letting my hair go natural. I have always loved the look of dreadlocks and considering this as an option. Have not made up my mind yet. My hair is pretty long and still has chemical in it so I am now searching for an option to begin dreading without cutting my hair. Not sure if this can be done.


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