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100 things that make me happy
100+ things that make me happy

I tend to get wrapped up thinking about what I don’t have, or what I lack. I’m always afraid of losing things so I don’t dwell on what makes me happy anymore. This has to stop.

Also I have a lot of weird things that make me happy. Get over it get over it.

My apartment
My roommate
My little sister, big sister and big brother (when they’re not stressing me out)
Scratching a mosquito bite
Napping in my birthday suit
Brand new undies that are cute
Brand new shoes
Fridays right after I’m done with work
The feeling right after I’ve accomplished something
Celebrating accomplishments
The Mediterranean
Fruity drinks
white beaches
hot sunshine
hot rain
showering in hot water when its cold out
boxer dogs
english bulldogs
having someone crack my toes
looking at trees outside my window
large windows
the sky, anytime
stars in pitch black countryside
finding ice cream in the freezer
palm fronds
sounds of the sea
light houses
sitting in the sun, anytime
eating things off the tree
lounging around
make up in its case
butterflies in the wild
torrents in the alps
alp air in general
old antique houses in the east coast
vermont maple syrup
drunk dancing
sober dancing
drunk singing
sober singing
kissing outside in hot weather
the wise group of the elderly (not the superficial elderly who are now coming to terms with death and have just now stopped being superficial.)
seeing people get told off when they deserve it
high heels (not on my feet)
snakes shedding
magnetic poetry
getting ready to go out at night
watching a sunrise
peace and quiet
hot chocolate when its cold
queen beds
post lunch siestas
walking to a friend’s house
hanging out with peers you don’t know
hanging out with friends all together
having lunch with girls
watching house, the office, family guy
sex with someone you love
being in love
antique furniture shops
baby animals
open wine bottles
being outside
summer camp
watching films for free
going to a movie
animated bumblebees
road trips
swimming pools with salt chlorine
old women cooking
babies laughing at something silly
babies clean out of a bath
lying in grass with puppies
being of age
falling in love over and over again
surfing the internet for beautiful pictures
touring cities on my own
so many foods: camembert, sushi, brie, croissants, petit pan au chocolat, chicken noodle soup, angel hair pasta, brownies, seaweed, fresh salad, smores, lamb chops, grapes, raspberries, blueberries, artichokes, garlic bread, new york pizza
old cars
renovated houses
spiral staircases
kitchen full of food
frog noises
ocean spray
great reef
spanish hot chocolate
flipping through magazines
creating a film
expressing an idea
getting texts from people i love
old disney or animated films
films that have fabulous wardrobes
gay men in good moods
straight men in good moods
women when they’re not self absorbed
women when they fight for their rights
fighting for my beliefs
winning an argument

i dont know where i’m at


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