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promote black bbw models
I Promote All women especially "Black BBW Women"

It’s a personal and professional mission of mine to uplift and promote unrepresented women of color, black bbw women.
We are beautiful and our numbers continue to increase and we must not and shall not stand by idle.
If we do not step up and speak up as full figured women of color we will continue to pass on the message to our children that the value of “Fat Women” is not equal to the value of smaller women.
Action always has and always will speak louder than words.
We should not be ashamed to be big, bold and beautiful all at the same time.

be a plus size model
Not as hard as it seems . . .

What does it take to be a model ? Some one who takes professional looking photo’s. That’s really all it takes unless you want to be a fashion model, or supermodel.
Other wise you’ve most likely got everything you need to get yourself in business as a model.

I don’t want to rain on anyones parade but that fact is we have not broken down those barriers yet. It you plan to model for lane bryant, or other plus apparel line it may be impossible.

However, if you want to be a model for hire creating custom made photo’s on demand,lingerie model or and adult model blink your eyes three times and it’s done.

Wanna learn more . . .drop me and email
Lovely D
Subject: your modeling post on 43 things
All plus sizes, all shapes, all ethic backgrounds welcomed and needed.

Start my own business
Pursue Growing trends

I’d have to say starting a business requires a bit of common sense,a lot of dedication, some resources and persistance.

The internet is taking off and a recent experience I had re-assured me of this. Customer service is declining. Technology is advancing.As humans we all want instant gratification. We don’t want to stand in long lines and we don’t want to be stuck in traffic. We want attention. We want to feel important and loved.

If you are starting a business or thinking of starting a business just think of people. What we want. What we need and what’s selling. What’s hot.

I’m sure I’ve got a winner in the “Adult Entertainment Industry”. The world of instant gratification and secret lives.

It’s a 10 billion dollar industry and growing. Why ..?
Because people want pleasure. As we become more stressed we seek more pleasure.

I enjoy what I do and the extra kick is the fact that I’m a fat chick.

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