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overcome vaginismus
I did it!

I’d been working on this goal since sometime in May when I first discovered I had an issue. I’ve never had many problems with tampons or anything- a bit of pain here and there but that was it. However, intercourse turned out to be absolute agony. I did a bit of research online and diagnosed myself. And later went to a doctor and she confirmed it.
I didn’t make too much of an attempt at fixing it at first- I wanted to, but I didn’t have much patience for the pain of dilators and the like. About a month ago I started using dilators regularly every night for at least an hour before going to sleep.
I actually used vibrators instead of a dilator set specifically for vaginismus. Started out around one inch and moved up in size about 1/4 inch with each one until 2 inches.
I personally think vibrators are a better option because the massaging tends to relax muscles.
Anyway, the realization that I’d overcome it came as an absolute surprise to me. I just figured I’d give sex another go and to my surprise there was absolutely no pain! I was giddy! Tried again the next morning and yet another success! Later in the week I popped the 2 inch dilator in pain free.
I’m completely thrilled to say the least. Anyway, I wish everyone the best of luck and a boatful of patience!


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