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stick head up my ass
ongoing challenge

that’s another one of my challenges in the yoga department.
It’s again more of a spiritual thing. Of course you need to master sacramental elasticity and semantics and advanced symbolic interactionism and such, but at the end of the day it’s a question of ecclesiastical transcendental intangibility.
There’s no way around it.
No I gotta go and practice a bit more…

get lost
sounds like fun

I’d like to get lost in translation (preferably without having to travel to Japan), I’d like to get lost in books more, get lost in piles of fluffy sheats, get lost in Paris more (done that!), get lost in time, get lost in good conversations.
As I said, sounds like a lot of fun…

sit down and have a long talk with a space alien
oh yeah

Those guys really need a good PR person.

It’s all about abductions nowadays. Back in the day when Spielberg did ET, everyone wanted to meet them. Now he’s doing war of the worlds and everyone’s shitting their pants when they hear aliens.
Buu hoo, the big bad wolf (ahem alien) is gonna come and get me.

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