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  1. 1. whiten teeth
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  2. 2. pick up scrapbooking
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  3. 3. declutter
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  4. 4. take supplements daily
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  5. 5. Take daily photos of all three kids
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  6. 6. Do precepts bible study (one book)
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  7. 7. Read from 4 sections of the bible daily
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  8. 8. Employ new helper
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  9. 9. Learn to cook
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  10. 10. get a fit body
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  11. 11. update blog
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List up to 10 things to accomplish by today (30/3/2011)

1. Pack up kids’ music bags
2. Clear paperbag of pamphlets
3. Clear baby’s clothes
4. Look through red bag of baby’s clothes
5. Clear unnecessary reading materials
6. Check with Ben re: movers’ boxes
7. Change bag
8. Go though Mrs See’s bags & take photos
9. List down with Abigail things to do every morning
10. List down with Shalom things to do every afternoon

Employ new helper

Things I’ve done:
- contacted helper
- submitted WP application

Things needed to do:
- Print out employment contract
- await ipa
- fill in employment contract
- get ipa and employment contract authenticated by Philippines embassy
- fax/mail authenticated documents to Leah
- get security bond
- get medical insurance
- get air-ticket
- collect helper from airport
- get finger-printing and work permit done
- send maid for medical test (including hep test)
- collect work permit
- print out appraisal form
- confirm jonalyn’s release date and process

Learn to cook

Cooking is an art. It’s also a science. I’m apprehensive because I’m afraid of being judge. Because I’m judgemental myself. I am hard on myself because I’m afraid of being rejected by people. In doing so, I’m already pushing people away and have deprived everyone of a possibly enjoyable time together.

I think if and when I humble myself, everyone will let down their guards as well and be more relaxed. The children can take part in whatever I’m trying to do and will feel a sense of (healthy) pride when we finally finish the dish(es). I also think that after the first meal is done, I will definitely be less apprehensive about future meals. I just need to take the first step.

1. Browse existing recipe books. If insufficient, borrow from the library. Or go online. If unsuccessful, buy it. But only when first three methods fail.

2. Decide on when to prepare the meal.

3. List down ingredients & tools needed.

4. Check if we have the ingredients at home.

5. Buy the ingredients at the appointed time.

6. Be numb to possible judgement flying in my head (by others). Don’t be sensitive, worse, hypersensitive.

7. Prepare the meal with the family if they are interested.

It does not have to be elaborate. Remember that. We are just taking the first step – baby steps!


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