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  1. 1. go a week without alcohol
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  2. 2. read every book I own
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  3. 3. Fall in love
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  4. 4. go to university
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  5. 5. Live in Canada
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buy new clothes
I need some new clothes

I have literally no clothes, I have 2 pairs of black skinnies 1 pair is ripped to shreds the other pair has a hole in their bum, I have two other pair of jeans, but one are a horrible colour and my others are jeggings, nuff said. Summers good though as I have thoouusands of cut offs, but I’m english so I hardlyget to wear them
All I have is hand me down jumpers that I sleep in, I have basically no money, but I’ve recently got a job, and I need to vow to buy clothes with my new money instead of a. buying books, b. getting drunk, c. buying fish, and d. buying records. I need to get my priorities straight, I intend to buy some jeans by next week.

get a job (read all 3 entries…)

Just came back from work :). It’s only a cleaning job in a pub, but it’s pretty sound, I can have my blue hair and tattoos and get to just work in my scruffs. Plus I don’t have to interact with people much apart from my boss who is really lovely. It’s five pound an hour, which is above minimum wage. Sahweet :)

get a job (read all 3 entries…)

So, I phoned 12 places today; absolutely NO jobs. However, my hairs bright blu atm so when there is jobs I hardly have a chance. I got a temporary little side thing though, handing out leaflets, so it’s a start…

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