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  1. 1. learn how to use WordPress
    21 people
  2. 2. draw every day
    1 cheer
    338 people
  3. 3. Be more organised
    1 entry
    739 people
  4. 4. be more social
    5,415 people
  5. 5. keep a photo-journal
    1 cheer
    4 people
  6. 6. go to the cinema more
    30 people
  7. 7. study Chinese
    34 people
  8. 8. become a freelance illustrator
    9 people
  9. 9. have my own art studio
    97 people
  10. 10. learn yoga
    2,981 people
  11. 11. illustrate a book
    1 cheer
    121 people
  12. 12. travel more
    3,252 people
  13. 13. be more positive
    2,859 people
  14. 14. Go to the gym
    697 people
  15. 15. be more tidy
    168 people
  16. 16. Read more
    1 cheer
    9,073 people
  17. 17. go out more
    659 people
  18. 18. visit art galleries and museums
    3 people
  19. 19. go to Paris
    2,229 people
  20. 20. go to Bologna
    2 people
  21. 21. make a comic
    113 people
  22. 22. Learn Portuguese
    1 entry
    1,260 people

How I did it
How to find new friends
It took me
100 years
It made me

How to live in Barcelona
It took me
3 weeks
It made me

How to learn italian
It took me
2 years
It made me

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Recent entries
Learn Portuguese
First day

Today I have my first Portuguese lesson! I’m looking forward to it :-)

Live in Barcelona
2nd round

3 years ago I spent a few months in Barcelona, but as I was quite busy and thinking in my next destination I feel I left without seeing (and living) much of it. Now I’m going back soon, this time I want to take the most of it, but I don’t really know how to do it. Any advice?

Be more organised
Trying to find the way

I’ve been trying to be more organised for the last weeks, as there are plenty of things I want to do and I have to find time (and sometimes space) for all of them. But all I get of this is being a lot more stressed, as I cannot focus: when I’m doing something, I’m thinking at other 20 things I’m not doing.
But I won’t give up! I’ll try different ways of being more organised so I find the one that suits me. No one said it was an easy goal, but I think it worths it.

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