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  1. 1. find my half sister
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  2. 2. graduate from college
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  3. 3. Finish my fine arts degree
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  4. 4. Learn to speak Japanese
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  5. 5. Get organized
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  6. 6. create a graphic novel
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  7. 7. become a famous author
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Meet Neil Gaiman

I met Neil at UCA earlier this week. He was quite fun. He read us poetry, a short story called “Orange” that won’t be published for another year (though I highly recommend it), and took some Q&A. We got to go up and have books signed, too. I took a picture of him being hugged by my ride (he looked decidedly uncomfortable with it, however). I probably shouldn’t have laughed at him for it, but I did, anyway.

learn to speak french

French was really helpful when I went to… well… France. There were a good many mediocre English speakers, but there were times when some mediocre French skillz were needed.

Meet William Shatner
I totally met him a couple years ago.

My choir participated in the premier of the song “Exodus” (which lasted a good hour), and William Shatner narrated in person. He was a pretty funny and charismatic guy even in person. During rehearsal, his most memorable line was “And God said… we’re off by a bar!!!”

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