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Make a movie
My very first short movie

This was a goal that I didn’t dare to write, yet I just made it last week. I don’t really remember how exactly I came up with an idea to make a stop motion animation.
Just wanted to give something special for my niece’s first birthday who lives half-globe away from me.
It took about two days to create it, but the process to explore and plot the ideas took about more than a week. The whole process was really fun, I enjoyed and got very excited though I did everything by myself.
The result was satisfying. I felt accomplished and kinda proud of myself that I can bring my ideas to life.

Now can I say.. I proudly present my stop motion animation:

It boosted my courage and confidence to make another one or two.. we’ll see :)

sleep early, wake up early
No nocturnal life no

This goal is part of being organized.
I want to stop being nocturnal creature as I believe we are not destined to be.

“As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.”

write a blog
My cup of coffee?

Writing has never been easy for me, I thought that it’s just not my thing, not really my cup of tea.. but maybe it’s my cup of coffee :)
However, for some good reasons, both personal and professional, I told myself to practice it.
Blog is one of the easy way to start as there are many offers free and accessible anywhere. I created some for different purposes, classified by the topic, but have just post an entry few days ago. Sounds too ambitious, eh? I’m not sure if I’d be committed to keep posting, but for now just let it be.

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