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stop being a hypochondriac (read all 2 entries…)
I've been able to stop being such a hypochondriac!!!

I decided my hypochondrism (is that a word?) was telling me I wasn’t taking good care of myself. Being a busy mom I always put myself last. I was scared to death they’d find something wrong with me, but I’m FINE!!!! I had a complete physical, full panel blood tests, a pap smear, mammograms (they had to do more than 1 set), saw my dentist, and dermotologist. I had no symptoms you understand, I was just panicky at the thought there was something wrong with me or some hidden cancer or heart disease, like i was gonna have a stroke or heart attack at any given moment. It really freed me. I urge you to face your fears and see if they are based in reality or not like I did.

And yes, that of course does’t mean i won’t be a victim of serious illness, but knowledge freed me. I am running now (I was too scared to before! I was certain I’d drop dead!) and paying more attention to my body and trying to eat better too.
Thank you to everyone who cheered me!!! i’m here for you too.

started running at age 45

I had hypertension, on 2 types of medications a day, with high cholesterol. My husband bought me a treadmill and I started walking 3 miles a day. I was bored going so slowly and not seeing results fast enough, so I started a slow jog. Now I’m up to 3.5 miles a day and ran my first 5K run in February! I beat my time by 6 minutes and although I didn’t win any awards, I was so proud of myself! You can do it too!!!

meet Billie Joe Armstrong! (read all 3 entries…)
We got backstage passes but........

Hello everyone,
My wonderful husband was able to snag backstage passes for us to the VIP room at the concert! We were sooo excited. We hung out in there before the concert drinking free drinks and waiting with a bunch of other people for Green Day to come in for the “meet and greet”. They didn’t come in before the concert, and after the concert, Tre did come in. It was so neat but we just kept waiting for Billie, but he never came in. Disappointed is an understatement! So close yet so far.

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