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  1. 1. become a guitar hero
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  2. 2. improve my website
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  3. 3. visit norway
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  4. 4. get started
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  5. 5. gain money
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  6. 6. go living in the north of europe
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  7. 7. become a good programmer
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  8. 8. become a great webdesigner
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Recent entries
become a guitar hero
Making progresses

I’m currently learning Opus Pocus by Jason Becker. I’m gonna play it at the final exam this year.

Do my best at university
Still a long way to the real goal

..but since I’ve managed to pass all the exams of this session in just two weeks and with really good results I can’t but be happy about it ;)

visit Norway
Yep I did, but I'm still not satisfied

I’ve been in norway for a 5 days vacations, but i didnt match my goal of seeing fjords, bergen and lofoten. Then I’ll be satisfied.


I want to:
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